Check Engine Light

Check Engine Light

That pesky check engine light can mean something minor, or it can be a warning of something a lot more serious. Here at Manor Motors, we take the guesswork out of that light, and can get the repairs you need done and get you back on the road.

Check Engine Light & Mechanical Issues

The check engine light is something that every car owner dreads, and many ignore until it’s too late. Before you break down or need that tow, bring your car to us when the light comes on and we can help. We have code readers for domestic and foreign vehicles, and can read the code, determine the problem, and do any and all necessary repair work from electrical to mechanical and more – to get your vehicle running better than ever.

Don’t wait until it’s turned into a much larger problem. When that check engine light comes on, call us at (845) 439-5447 and we can help.


check engine light