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Lex Latkovski

Cory really saved my bacon. My alternator went out on my Lexus ES330 while passing through Livingston Manor on a recent vacation. I was planning to drive 13 hours back to Kentucky when my car died.

Even though Corey and his crew were shutting down for the day when I arrived (Saturday afternoon), he was able to order a replacement alternator from a neighboring town and have it delivered the next morning (on a Sunday, Father’s Day no less.)

Cory drove me to Roscoe where I stayed for the night. On Sunday morning Cory installed the new alternator and changed a belt and my oil. He then drove to Roscoe to pick me up and drive me back to Manor Motors to settle up.

I highly recommend Corey and Manor Motors. He was extremely friendly and fair, and went well beyond the call of duty to help me get back safely on the road and back to Kentucky.

Thanks Cory!


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